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Sub Bass Lab

Sub Bass Lab is a collection of Analog Synth Bass Instruments for NI Kontakt 5. With a strong focus on Trap 808’s and Sub Bass for Electronic Music. The concept is to deliver raw and analog bass instruments with a well thought out Kontakt 5 Interface. It contains 4 main Kontakt modules with glide mode, different saturation and distortion effects. Each of the Instrument stands for a special flavor of bass:

Sub Bass Lab - Modular-808

The “Modular 808 Bass” is based on Eurorack Modular Sub-Kick Patches.

Mostly based on filter resonances instead of using oscillators for tone generation.  Just like the original 808 Kick circuit. Tasteful analog saturation and distortion where used to bring the so called “Trap 808’s” to the next Level!

The “Modular Sub Bass” module contains Waveforms of high-end analog Oscillators to create bass sounds. Everything from “Funky Synth Bass” to “Deep Dub Bass” is possible. This Instrument can be described as “punchy and bold”

Craft Audio - Modular-Sub
Craft Audio - Sub-Synth-Bass

The “Sub Synth Bass” is based on a sampled Mono Synth with its super warm and deep sounding Ladder Filter. Simply the king of Sub and Dub.

The “Pro8 Bass” delivers a more”Cutting through the mix” kind of bass sounds. Super accurate 808’s and synth bass.

Craft Audio - Sub Bass Lab Pro 808

Sub Bass Lab

Craft Audio - Sub Bass Lab

– 120 Presets
– 1.2 GB Samples
– Multisampled Analog Synth Patches
– Handcrafted Eurorack Modular Patches
– Perfectly pitched 808 Sub Kicks
– Kontakt 5.6.8 minimum